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Affordable WordPress Web Design Packages


Hi, I’m Deb Dole.  I am a WordPress developer, web designer, graphic designer and content creator, and I love to build beautiful, responsive websites that make your business shine.


I love the development part of the process – helping you to make your website the best that it can be with the best images and layout, assisting in making your content the way that you want, and figuring out layouts that will make your work shine.  I will walk you through the entire development of your site.

On any option, you can design the site and I’ll help implement it, or I can help create the design that you want.  If I assist in optimizing your images, creating content, editing content and am involved in designing the site from scratch, you will be charged at the higher cost.  Also – see Xtras at the end of this listing.

Below, you’ll find the packages I offer, along with standard extras.  My service fees vary and the package prices shown below are guidelines to be used as a reference.  Your project may cost more or less, depending on the functionality and

customization of your website.  If you have an existing website that needs a few changes, feel free to contact me and we can talk about completing your smaller project at my hourly rate.   If you are interested in building or improving your website, need help choosing what’s right for you, or if you want to discuss adding on other custom extras, please reach out to or call me at 360.739.6801.  I love talking about site design and content, and I’d love to talk through your project with you.